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How can you help?
It's As Easy As Buying A Chicken!
chicken house 2.jpg
kenyan chicken.jpg
chickens at the childrens hom kitengela.

                                         The Chicken Farm Project 


We have begun a small chicken farm at the children’s home in Kitengela. We are excited for this new venture! Through the donations of our generous partners we have provided egg laying chickens and a structure to house them. 

The goal for this project is two-fold. First, it will improve the diets of the children and bring more food security to their lives. The children will receive eggs in their meals to improve their diets.


Secondly, when we get to the point of having additional eggs, they can be sold to provide much needed income for the home and give it an avenue for some self sufficiency.


There are currently 95 chickens at the farm. We will add more chickens as the funds come in. There are normally about 100 children living at the home so it takes a lot of chickens to keep up! :)


                             Please help the children by donating today!


               Simply click on the "Donate" tab above to give safely through PayPal

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