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Everyone needs a hero at some point in their lives. The timing and situations are different, but we all have times when we need someone to come alongside of us and help us do what we couldn’t do alone.


As children and teens, the residents of Merciful Redeemer Children’s Home have been in that situation. They are orphans and abandoned children who were taken in by a "hero", a wonderful woman who loved God and loved them. She cared for them night and day. All 100+ of them! Her name was Anne Mugane aka “Mama John” and she gave her life to providing a loving home to these children who had no home and no one to care for them. Although Mama John is no longer with us, her legacy continues through her family and her devoted staff.


At Merciful Redeemer Children’s Home the children and teens are well loved. Mama John's team do all that they can to care for them and set them up for a better future. That is why at her home, the teens go to high school even though in Kenya high school is not free. She was determined that her kids will succeed in life.


Although the children are well loved, they don’t always have enough to eat. There have been times when the children get “very little” to eat in order to make sure they will have something the next day.


That is why the children need you and I to step in and be "heros" along side of them. The food shortage happens all too often. We don't want them to live from crisis to crisis. If a child needs to see the doctor, that takes away from the ability to buy food. In the past, these decisions have had to be made. 


We want to change that for these kids. We want them to never again have to worry that they will not have enough food. We want them to be kids! We know that you want that too! 


We are asking for monthly donors so that time and energy can be given to other concerns. Life should not be about living from crisis to crisis. Childhood should be spent thinking about school, chores and fun, not their hungry bellies!


We are looking for people who care and will give so that others might have a better, healthier life. Your monthly donations will be life changing!


Your donation will be sent directly to Merciful Redeemer Children's Home. Donations can be made safely and securely through PayPal by clicking the Donate tab at the top of the page

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