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Kenya Highlights 

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us to better the lives of orphans in Kenya! With the help of friends and family we have been able to do some pretty amazing things to make their lives more pleasant and less volatile!

I’ve compiled a short list of some highlights from 2019:

1. We continued the Chicken Farm project. This ensures that the kids get protein rich eggs on a regular basis to help with their nutritional needs.

2. All of the kids received a new sweater this year to help keep them warm! This was a big deal as it gets in Kenya while we are experiencing spring/summer here in northeast Ohio. Those of you who gave to “Cary’s birthday fundraiser” on Facebook played a large part in making this happen! Bravo!

3. As many of you know, Kenya gets heavy rains that lead to an increase in the mosquitoes that carry malaria. Malaria is a horrific disease that all too often leads to death.

Mosquito nets are one of the most effective ways to prevent malaria. With your help we were able to provide every child with a net to ensure they are protected as they sleep at night!

4. All kids need to have a day to celebrate themselves and to just have fun! We bought enough cakes and fun foods to have a group “Birthday” party in early July! The report was that it was a huge success! 😉

5. The children of school age were wearing uniforms that were in pretty bad shape. Just like when we were kids, they want to look good and be proud of their clothes. This fall they were able to do just that since On A Mission was able to purchase each student a brand new uniform to wear to school!

6. In early November the orphanage was running dangerously low on food. Once again, our faithful partners came through to buy a very large amount of rice, beans, green grams and maize flour.

This is so important because this is one our main areas of impact. When we first began helping several years ago there were times when food had to be rationed and the children either didn’t eat some days or they had to eat very little to stretch the food as far as possible.

That doesn’t happen anymore because our partners make sure that it doesn’t! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Kids should be allowed to be kids and worrying if there will be food on the table should never be a concern.

7. Christmas!🎄 We want every child to experience the joy of receiving a gift and having a special meal at Christmas. This year the older school age kids received gifts of paper and writing utensils and the smaller kids received a toy.

They all also had a wonderful meal with 3 goats, the Kenyan equivalent of turkey! They had several special meals over the holidays and we sent enough extra “staple” food to keep their shelves stocked for a few weeks!

We are excited to share with you the impact that donors like you are able to make in the life of a child who has no family to provide for them. I honestly get emotional thinking about it. There is no way we could do this without your help!

Did you know that the children and teens pray for those who help them? They truly appreciate your sacrifice for them. And believe me when I tell you God also takes notice! Psalm 41

Blessings to each and every one who has prayed and/or donated! We love you ALL!!! ❤️

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